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A game of retold stories. 

To be played around a campfire, a candle, or a speaker. 

Inspired by The Crane Wife by The Decemberists

You are all storytellers. 

Whoever is the oldest begins. They are old. Everyone else is young. 

Old speaker, begin to tell an ancient story, that you were told when you were young. This could be a story everyone knows, or something entirely new. 

Storytelling is not a one way street nor an old ones game. Young listeners, question the story. (Is that really what happened? Did the hero really arrive in time?) Suggest changes, but always as questions. Don’t be rude to your elders now. They are always right about the story. 

When you grow tired of listening, interrupt (politely). It is now later on. You are old now. Everyone else is young. Continue the story, from where you interrupted, or shortly before. Change something. A setting, a character, an item, a twist, a theme. Consequential or not. Stories shift, and the needs of later on are not the needs of back then. 

When you finish a story, someone else start to tell a better one. They are old now. Everyone else is young. It is once more later on. 

The game ends when the fire has burned down, you all have been old, or you all grow tired of listening. 

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AuthorJanie Jaffe
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